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Located conveniently across the street from the beautiful white sands of South Walton, we offer 40 different craft beers that are ice cold ready “to go” for the beach. We love supporting the area and specialize in “local” and Florida micro breweries. Check out our tap list below. We try to keep it fresh with new flavors, so check back often.
TAP# 1

Malene Rose'

Rose (California)
13% ABV
Red & white grapes, fruity & dry
TAP# 2

Caposaldo Pinot Grigio

Grigio (Italy)
12.5% ABV
Dry, crisp, vibrant w/aromas of white fruit, flowers & almonds
TAP# 3

St. Francis Chardonnay

Chardonnay (California)
14.2% ABV
Buttery, aromas & flavors of melon, citrus, pineapple & butterscotch
TAP# 4

Angeline Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir (California)
13.8% ABV
Cranberry, raspberry & dark cherry w/cola & toasted oak
TAP# 5

Abita Strawberry

Lager (Louisiana)
4.2% ABV 13 IBU
Juicy, ripe LA strawberries
TAP# 6

Brew Dog Hazy Jane

IPA (Ohio)
7.2% ABV
Hazy, notes of pineapple, mango, stone fruit & tangerine
TAP# 7

Parish Ghost in the Machine

Double IPA (Louisiana)
8.0% ABV
Hazy, massive amount of citra hops
TAP# 8

Palm Folly Mermaid Tears

Hard Seltzer (Florida)
5.0% ABV
TAP# 9

Fairhope Therefore

Amber Ale (Alabama)
5.4% ABV
Malt forward, rich flavor
TAP# 10

Allagash White

Witbier (Maine)
5.2% ABV
Belgian-style w/citrus & spice
TAP# 11

Fat Head's Head Hunter

IPA (Ohio)
7.5% ABV 80 IBU
Aggressively dry-hopped, West Coast style, huge hop display
TAP# 12

Toppling Goliath King Sue

Double IPA (Iowa)
7.8% ABV 100 IBU
Hazy, mango, orange & pineapple flavors, grapefruit aroma
TAP# 13

Wicked Weed Pernicious

IPA (North Carolina)
7.3% ABV
Balanced, clean finish
TAP# 14

Back Forty Truck Stop

Brown Ale (Alabama)
6.0% ABV 14 IBU
Honey, roasted malts & fresh hops
TAP# 15

Good People Snake Handler

Double IPA (Alabama)
10.0% ABV 103 IBU
Hoppy, dangerously drinkable
TAP# 16

Maine Lunch

IPA (Maine)
7.0% ABV
Intense hop flavors, aromas of tropical & citrus fruits, pine dominate
TAP# 17

Fat Head's Bumbleberry

Ale (Ohio)
5.3% ABV 11 IBU
Fresh spring honey infused w/fresh blueberries
TAP# 18

Maui Mana

Wheat Ale (Hawaii)
5.5% ABV 18 IBU
Pineapple gives sweet aroma to smooth bodied tropical brew
TAP# 19

Tin Roof Voodoo

Pale Ale (Louisiana)
5.0% ABV 20 IBU
Heavily dry-hopped, flaked wheat & oats to enhance tropical fruit flavors
TAP# 20

Heavy Seas Tropicannon

IPA (Maryland)
7.25% ABV
Citrus & bold, tropical flavors
TAP# 21

Perfect Plain Yachtside

Lime Lager (Florida)
4.2% ABV 10 IBU
Crisp w/ twist of lime
TAP# 22

Idyll Hounds Divide & Conch'r

Double IPA (Florida)
8.0% ABV
Spicy, piney & citrus
TAP# 23

Stone IPA

IPA (California)
6.9% ABV 71 IBU
Citrusy, tropical, piney
TAP# 24

81 Bay Reel Slo

Irish Red Ale (Florida)
5.5% ABV 29 IBU
Slightly malty w/sweet softness, roasted dryness in finish
TAP# 25

Kentucky Bourbon Barrel

Strong Ale (Kentucky)
7.5% ABV 75 IBU
Smooth & robust, aged in bourbon barrel
TAP# 26

SweetWater G13

IPA (Georgia)
6.0% ABV 48 IBU
Dank, citrus, earthy, resiny
TAP# 27

Terrapin Watermelon

Gose (Georgia)
4.7% ABV 7 IBU
Brewed w/sea salt & coriander, watermelon aroma
TAP# 28

Kentucky Vanilla Barrel

Cream Ale (Kentucky)
5.5% ABV
Brewed w/flaked corn & bourbon vanilla beans, aged in barrel
TAP# 29

Sun Lab Shake the Shade

Sour Ale (Florida)
5.7% ABV
Blueberry, Acai, marshmallow & vanilla
TAP# 30

Grayton Beer Beach Blonde

Blonde Ale (Florida)
4.6% ABV 13 IBU
Light-bodied greets palate with subtle citrus nuance & mild malt sweetness
TAP# 31

Weihenstephan Hefe

Hefeweizen (Germany)
5.4% ABV 14 IBU
Classic wheat beer
TAP# 32

Lost Coast Tangerine

Tangerine Wheat (California)
5.5% ABV
Classic wheat flavor with a kick of citrus
TAP# 33

Oyster City Mangrove

Pale Ale (Florida)
8.2% ABV
Classic pale ale w/malty body, fermented w/mangos
TAP# 34

Parish Reve

Coffee Stout (Louisiana)
6.8% ABV
Coffee, lactose, vanilla
TAP# 35

New Holland Dragon's Milk

Double Stout (Michigan)
11.0% ABV 30 IBU
Bourbon barrel-aged, notes of coffee & chocolate, undertones of vanilla & oak
TAP# 36

Fairhope Pink Delicious

Hard Seltzer (Alabama)
5.0% ABV
Pink lemonade
TAP# 37

Bell's Hazy Hearted IPA

IPA (Michigan)
7.5% ABV 41 IBU
Tropical & fruity, finishes smooth
TAP# 38

DuClaw Sweet Baby

Porter (Maryland)
6.2% ABV 33 IBU
Full-bodied, chocolate, peanut butter w/smooth, dry finish
TAP# 39

Country Boy Shotgun Wedding

Brown Ale (Kentucky)
5.3% ABV 24 IBU
Malt-focused, aged in real vanilla beans
TAP# 40

Northcoast Scrimshaw

Pilsner (California)
4.7% ABV 22 IBU
Subtle hop character, crisp, clean, dry finish
TAP# 41

81 Bay Lightning

Lager (Florida)
4.3% ABV
Light, clean, clear, smooth
TAP# 42

Ace Pineapple

Cider (California)
5.0% ABV
Instant sweet taste w/tart finish
TAP# 43

Brew Dog Elvis Juice

IPA (Ohio)
6.5% ABV
Zesty, citrus, juicy=hazy
TAP# 44

Urban Artifact The Gadget

Sour (Ohio)
7.9% ABV
Brewed w/blackberries, raspberries & vanilla beans
TAP# 45

Florida Ave You're My Boy Blue

Wheat Ale (Florida)
5.3% ABV
Real blueberries produce fresh flavor